Saturday, June 18, 2011

Traditional food


Growth and development of culinary business in Indonesia today is very rapid. Call it the Meatball, Soto, Rawon, Pecel, Lotek, Gado Gado, duck, fried noodles Java, Gudeg, Fried Rice, now a snack or a snack for the class is no such thing bakpia, spring rolls, martabak, Pempek Palembang, Gethuk Purwokerto, Cilacap Mendoan, Betawi egg crust, and much more.
You are a fan of noodles? Now noodle this one truly unique menu of Java which, when cooked, the aroma is smelled. And there are tips if you enjoy the noodles Java is one of them clay topping chicken meat, and try the fried noodles, one more do not choose a lot of MSG / less natural flavoring because it feels good. Uniquely Java Noodles is cooked using charcoal, not gas or stove.
Secrets of Java noodle delicacy is actually located on the watering delicious chicken broth noodles. Four chicken java option shrimp boil with a quarter kilogram of wet stone and a quarter kilogram of sugar. Shrimps give savory taste of rock candy while presenting the authenticity of the sweet taste of sugar cane rod. Sweet savory taste is created in the cauldron of chicken broth. If the stock trim, all come into chic cuisine.

That hardest part of providing Java noodles processed materials is seeking free-range chicken, or chicken also known as Java, which is appropriate. Chicken Java options that should be productive hen will lay eggs.

To add a savory flavor just add salt, red onion, and garlic. Avoid mixing various ingredients such as walnut, which was interrupted taste. Mi material he uses is not even special. Noodles from rice flour is a manufacturer of products that are often found on the market.

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